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What’s Old Made New Again

I love that antiques, in a sense, keep ‘history’ alive.

Antique quilts are treasures, indeed… but what about antique blocks that have never been sewn into a finished quilt?
When I’ve found antique quilt blocks, they “speak to me” and  I’m inspired to give them new life.

Dogwood Medallion (45.5″ Sq.)
Designed, pieced, and quilted by Sue Hickman     Berryville, Va     12/31/2016

This quilt began as a single 16″ orphan antique block found, I don’t recall where, y-e-a-r-s ago. I admired the applique workmanship and dogwood design. I always intended to create a medallion quilt showcasing this block, but had a challenging time finding coordinating fabrics. Like fashion, quilting fabric colors change all the time. This pink reminds me of the original Bayer children’s aspirin color(not ‘pink’, not salmon… somewhere in between), the old muslin had yellowed, and the gray is also unique with undertones of brown. From time to time I would pull this block out again and look for fabrics to pair with it, and finally in 2016 I found these luscious fabrics. I am so glad to finally complete this quilt, including hanging sleeve and label, and get it photographed before year’s end… my last quilt of 2016.












5 Antique Blocks get new life in Stars and Stripes Forever  Table Runner (75.5″ x 18.5″)
Designed, pieced and quilted by Sue Hickman       Berryville, Va       6/14/2010 Flag Day

Stars and Stripes Forever






Vintage Fans Reborn

Using 24 antique Victorian fan blocks,  top was designed, pieced and finished by Sue Hickman – Spring 2009

Blank note cards featuring this quilt are currently available for purchase in sets of four (4) for $12.00 by emailing Sue@Studio2724.com .

07 - Vintage Fans Reborn-WM









Mirrored Antique Blues (23.5″ x 24″)
Pieced and hand quilted by Sue Hickman using 2 antique blocks mirrored with 2 reproduction blocks.  (2008)

19 - Mirrored Antique Blues - 1997 - Cross Junction, VA -WM