Piece and comfort for the eyes, heart, and soul.

Quilting with Sue – Classes, Talks, Demos

Sue has enjoyed teaching others to quilt where ever she’s called home! Since 2012, she has delighted in offering classes in Studio 2724.

Upcoming class information can be found on the Quilting with Sue – Quilting Classes tab on the right. There you will also see photos from past classes where fun is always on the agenda.

Sue offers private quilt-related classes/tutoring in Studio 2724 at a rate of $45/hour.

If you are interested in taking one of my group classes, but don’t see one currently being offered, grab up to four friends and contact me to get your class scheduled.

Quilting with Sue Studio Quilting Classes general information

Space is limited, and available on a first come, first serve basis.
Classes require students to have a sewing machine in good working order and a basic knowledge of how to use it.
Participants can expect to learn cutting, piecing, applique, quilting & embellishing techniques, as well as how to bind and “finish” a quilt with a hanging sleeve and a label, as projects dictate. A supply list for each class is provided so supplies can be acquired in advance of the first session. Advance payment reserves space in the class.

Available Workshop / Class Topics include:

Year-long “T.O.M. – Technique of the Month” classes that introduce new quilters to more than 12 quilting techniques and help experienced quilters hone their quilting skills.

Quilting Basics, including: fabric selections, rotary cutting, the 1/4 inch, piecing with precision, machine & hand applique, paper piecing, English paper piecing, settings, borders, bindings and other finishing techniques, hanging sleeves, and quilt labels.

Fracturing Technique – In Sue’s Fabulously Fractured class, participants will learn cutting, piecing, and finishing techniques unique to fracturing four panels to create unique quilted works of art. The size of the original panels selected determines the amount of piecing required for completion and the dimensions of the finished quilt. Before class one, Sue will make recommendations of panels that make good candidates for this technique. If ‘kit’ not provided by Sue for the class, each participant will select one panel design and purchase four panels.
Step-one of cutting and piecing begins in class one. Homework is required between class one and two to keep the quilt’s completion on track.
Step-two of cutting and piecing begins in class two. Depending on the size of the chosen panel, homework may be required before class three to keep the quilt’s completion on track. At the end of class two, Sue will demonstrate free motion quilting and a thread painting technique that can be used in quilting this top. Long-arm edge to edge quilting is another quilting option for these quilts. Sue will discuss preparations necessary for long-arm edge to edge quilting for those electing that option. Sue will also discuss possible borders, as well as sleeves for hanging, labeling, and binding and non-binding options for finishing this quilt.
Class three is an option for those who desire assistance in add borders and free motion quilting their quilts.

*Upon request, Sue will teach her Fracturing Technique (participants each using small pre-determined floral panels) in a 6-hour workshop or class. Contact her directly to discuss this option and check her Studio 2724 – Teach, Demo, Talk Fee Schedule below.

Kaleidoscope Technique (Hexagons) – In Sue’s Kaleidoscope class, participants will learn cutting, piecing, sewing, embellishing techniques, quilting, binding, and how to ‘finish’ their piece as their individual fabric dictates. Due to the impact made by piecing and laying out these quilt tops, after class many will choose to complete their quilt simply with edge-to-edge long-arm quilting.
There is no ‘one-size fits all’ pattern to be followed, no generic fabric requirements given, and no clear finished size for this quilt’s class. This quilt’s design is all about the one fabric chosen.
Therefore, in the first class, Sue discusses in detail what to look for in selecting a fabric for a stunning kaleidoscope quilt and then accompanies participants to a local quilt shop to assist them in their fabric selections.
In class two, Sue teaches the skills necessary for cutting and piecing this quilt. Homework is required between class two and three to keep the quilt’s completion on track.
Class three is all about the final design. Participants will creatively inspire one another to think outside the box in their design. Sue will teach the piecing skills needed for this next step, a final layout will be determined, and piecing the top will begin. Sue will discuss preparing these quilt tops for long-arm quilting.

*Upon request, Sue will teach her Kaleidoscope Technique (participants all using the same pre-determined fabric) in a multi-day workshop or class. Contact her directly to discuss this option and check her Studio 2724 – Teach, Demo, Talk Fee Schedule below.

Twisted Technique 

Suitable for creating full sized quilts, table runners, and even miniature quilts.

If you’d like Sue to come and teach a quilting class in your venue, just email her. It’s her pleasure to share her passion, insights, and techniques for quilting with quilters of all levels.
This is your link for Sue’s Studio 2724 Teach-Demo-Talk Fee Schedule and Contract details.

Traveling Trunk Show Topics and Talks include:

Piece and comfort for the eye, heart, and soul.
Quilts and their stories.
Are you ready for a challenge?
The Making of a Quilt Artist
Quilts of Friendship

Demonstrations include:

Twisted Technique
Foundation Paper Piecing and Freezer Paper Piecing
English Paper Piecing
Rotary Cutting Basics
Free Motion Quilting
3-D Double Diamonds

Lastly, it’s not often that Sue gets to see quilts made in a Quilting with Sue quilting class or quilts that she’s made in use in their “new home”, but here are some examples. Sharon W. sets a lovely table in both her dining and living rooms!