Piece and comfort for the eyes, heart, and soul.

Artful Wall Quilts

Kaleidoscoped Tree of Life

This unique, one of a kind, quilted wall hanging measures 40” wide by 55” tall and features a sleeve for easy hanging.
While often thought to be a symbol of personal growth, strength, and beauty, Sue’s Mom loved that in Revelation, the tree of life represented the restoration of the life-giving presence of God. Those who seek forgiveness of sin through the shed blood of Jesus are given access to the tree of life (eternal life).
Inspired by the complementing fabric itself, Sue utilized a ‘kaleidoscope” technique to cut six triangles featuring  exactly the same part of this fabric’s design and used these triangles to create more than four dozen hexagon blocks that fill out the overall design and surround the tree ‘panel’.
Rounded lower corners draw the eye back up to the beauty found within the tree.
Once pleased with the overall design, the pieces were pieced together or appliqued then layered with batting and backing and finally thread pained, free-motion quilted and bound.
This quilt was juried in as a Semi-Finalist in the American Quilting Society’s Quilt Week held in Virginia Beach in 2018.

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Lighting The Way Home

Can you hear the call of the gulls and the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks?
Lighthouses serve to warn mariners of dangerous shallows and perilous rocky coasts, and help guide ships in and out of the harbor.
Seafarers have long appreciated those brave men and women who kept the lights on, showing them the way home.
This beautiful quilt (34” wide by 57” high) was created using a unique piecing technique that takes four pieces of the exact same fabric and incorporates them into one, creating greater depth and movement throughout the piece.
Cut and sewn, then meticulously cut and re-sewn again and again, the scene was then “matted” and framed with border fabrics.  It was then further enhanced with extensive thread painting and free-motion quilting.
This quilt was one of those showcased in my Solo-Artist “Art in the Halls” show at The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, VA from October 18th, 2016 through January 22nd, 2017.

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Van Gogh Irises Fractured

( 37.5″ wide x 46″ long)
Designed using four of the same fabrics fractured into 1″ pieces, pieced back together, framed by a fabric border, quilted and thread painted by Sue Hickman    Berryville, VA     12/2016

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Window to the Sea

I LOVE being near the sea! I find the sound of the waves rolling in on the shore to be calming. They also remind me of God’s faithfulness, which also never ceases.
What is under those waves deep in the sea is also exceptionally beautiful. This quilt reminds me of those sea treasures discovered when snorkeling.
One fish, two fish, coral red fish… and more.  Why?
Because, as Jacques Cousteau said, “The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”.
Designed, pieced, and free-motion quilted to showcase these beauties, this quilt measures 33” wide by 50” high. It has a sleeve for hanging, but could also be used as a lap quilt.

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True North Star

Traditional in its design, this quilt is made up of black, white, and shades of gray cotton fabric pieces.
Its “Carpenter’s Star” center block is surrounded by scrappy square-in-a-square and piano key borders, and reminds me of my True North Star, Jesus.
The North Star anchors the northern night sky. It is a “sky marker” that helps those who follow it determine direction. It also depicts a beacon of inspiration and hope to many.
It is said that when you find your North Star you know where you’re headed. Aiming for it will bring happiness.
True North is the internal compass that guides you successfully through life. It represents who you are as a human being at your deepest level. It’s your orienting point in a spinning world.
When this you see, remember He… Jesus!
Meticulously pieced and free-motion quilted, it measures 33” square and features a sleeve on the back for easy hanging.

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Ready for the Tea Party

I remember as a young girl having special tea parties with my Mom and maternal Grandmother. Fine linen dressed the table where sweet and savory treats were served on revered pieces of china and it was there that I learned how to hold and drink from a teacup, pinkie raised. I cherish the memory of these special times spent with the dearest women in my life.
When my Grandmother passed, I was thrilled to receive special teacups from her collection that I hope to pass to my granddaughter one day.
Yes, I’m sentimental. Maybe you are too?
May we never get too busy in life to stop and smell the flowers we pass or sit and visit with a dear friend while sipping a cup of tea!
This pieced quilt (21” high by 24” wide) was made with cotton and Dupioni silk fabrics and was designed using a traditional “attic window” block.
It is the first in a series of three designed to represent teacups perched on a shelf. With the sleeve on the back, it is ready for hanging.

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A Trio of Jacks in the Lumina Patch

Did you know white pumpkins are called lumina pumpkins? However did three orange pumpkins find their way into this lumina patch? At 35 1/2″ square, this wall quilt makes a wonderful addition to anyone’s fall decor.


Botanical Sunshine

This small 20″ square quilt radiates happiness and brings a smile to my face every time I look at it!


My Bargello Dahlia

I’m told the Dahlia symbolizes wealth and elegance. The one gracing this 20″ square quilt holds the power to brighten any room.


A C. W. Tribute

This miniature quilt measures only 21 1/2″ square, but for those with a love of American history, it makes for a beautiful tribute to this powerful, pivotal moment in nation’s history.



23″ Sq.
Because brown, tan, and teal are so luscious together… whether hung on the wall or gracing a table.


Pretty in Teal

21″ Sq.
This little 21″ square quilt is, indeed, Pretty in Teal, whether hung on the wall or gracing a table.


Thoroughly Modern Mini

Though traditionally pieced with old-world reproduction fabrics, this small quilt has a thoroughly modern look and feel to it.
It measures 13.5” wide by 17” high and features a sleeve for ease of hanging.

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2012 Fortune Cookie

My fortune: “You will create wonderful quilt from fortunate find of fabrics.

If 2012 was a special year for YOU, perhaps your fortune will be to take this quilt (24″ x 12″) home?
(Morse code enthusiasts might see the year in those dots and dashes.)