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Vision of Vincent visits the Van Gogh Immersion Experience

Dec 29th, 2021 – My Visions of Vincent quilt and I visited the traveling Van Gogh Immersion Experience exhibit in Washington DC. It was bigger than life, visually rich, and masterfully done! Visitors are transported into the world as Van Gogh saw it. The combination of insights into his life and the time in which he lived, as well as powerful music and color, and ultimately the Virtual Reality journey through “A day in the life of the Artist” certainly moved my emotions.
Even though I’d long admired Van Gogh’s work, before creating my Visions of Vincent quilt in 2017 I researched him extensively. However, through this exhibit I learned even more about his life and, more importantly, my heart was moved with greater compassion for the man and his struggle personally and as an artist. I’m so glad I went!
Here are some pictures of ‘us’ along the way…